Thursday, 5 January 2017

26.12.2016]Management forms a truncated Wage Revision Committee.
BSNLEU is insisting upon the Management to start the Wage negotiations, since government has already constituted the 3rd PRC for the Executives. But, the Management has been avoiding it, on the plea that they have not received clearance from the DPE, for doing so. In this situation, BSNLEU demanded to at least constitute the Wage Negotiations Committee, so that wage negotiation can be started immediately after clearance is received from the government. But, this demand was also not considered, despite so many letters are written. Finally com.P.Abhimanyu,GS, met the CMD BSNL last Friday, and insisted the demand. After discussion, the CMD BSNL gave a positive assurance. However, the Corporate Office has issued letter today, for the formation of a Wage Revision Committee, without representation from the Recognised Unions. This is not acceptable to us. BSNLEU will soon take up the issue further with the CMD BSNL for immediate formation of a Wage Negotiation Committee, which will be consisting of both Management and Union sides.<<<view Corporate Office Letter>>>

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